Have your home painted in oils

Portraits of your house in oil

A wonderful gift for the family

If you're looking for a unique gift, then a house portrait in oil could be the answer! A home can hold many fond memories, so why not have it immortalized for the generations to come in a fine quality oil painting. You can also consider other places that are important to you, perhaps a special holiday home or the church where you got married. Some of these places we will never visit again, but we'll always want to keep a momento of them for years to come. House portrait of property in Ireland

Reference photos

Pencil drawing of Shop front

I work from your photos to create the final painting. In most cases, the property will be seen at it's best from one particlur angle. However, although this will usually be the view used for the paintng, it's often better to have photos from several angles to get the right impression of the property. For the best results, photos need to be clear and crisp and in high resolution so that I can capture the fine details such as brickwork etc.

The painting process

Rob Tyrrell From your photos I will work up the composition in pencil, the resulting sketch will be emailed to you to make sure you are happy with the way your property will be shown in the painting. Once this has been approved I will start on the painting itself, working on the "Chiaroscuro" (tonal values) within the composition, overwhich will be painted the colour. When the painting is ready you will be sent a photo proof by email for final approval.


Finishing touches


Your house portrait will always look better with a well chosen frame. We have a large selection of frame styles to suit your portrait as well as the style of your home. From modern sleek and clean designs with a wide mount to ornate guilt gold 'swept' frames that are custom made to order, all are designed to get the very best out of your house portrait. Below is a small selection of frame styles for your consideration.

Guilt Swept Frames Dark Wood with rope inlay Distessed Pine Light Maple Picture Oak Pitted pine Flat Black Dark walnut

Personalised Stationery

Business cards with house portrait

You can also consider using your house portrait on a variety of printed products including letterheads, business cards, notepads, calendars and greetings cards. Get in contact to find out more.

Contact Details

The best way to get in touch is to use the contact form.

Give me as much detail as you can and if possible attach photos that might be useful as references.

I look forward to hearing from you. ♥

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